Callgirls Lisbon Violet is a naturally very beautiful escort!

What more could you ask for from the lovely Violet? She has that “girl next door” look that melts the heart of any man that she comes into contact with, but don’t be fooled by this because she can be very naughty indeed! That figure of hers doesn’t take much work at her age, but Violet still likes to spend plenty of time at the gym making it nice and firm in the right places for her clients.

She comes from the school of thought that believes she should look as good as possible to ensure a repeat booking and this makes us very happy indeed! The wonderful figure you see in these images can only really be emphasized by the way Violet decides to dress it up.

This gorgeous lady has a wardrobe that would make most women crazy with envy and she’s always out shopping for more of the best designer dresses and lingerie when she gets the chance.

So if you’d like the opportunity to see just how well Claudia presents herself, give us a call and book her… Time waits for no man!